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      About a year after being diagnosed with ALS, Juanita Grace Hesly Camfield died at home on Friday, November 12, 2021, at the age of 89.  Born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, she moved with her parents to Chicago in 1942.  After graduating from Karl Shurz High School in 1950, she enrolled in a nursing program at Grant Hospital in Chicago.  After completing that program, she was employed as a courier nurse on the Santa Fe Railroad.  When she married Roland in 1954, she moved with him to Pensacola Florida, where Roland was posted by the US Navy for flight training.  The family then moved to Corpus Christi Texas where Roland qualified as a jet pilot and where their first son, Mark, was born.  When Roland's service was complete in 1958, the family moved to Denver, Colorado, where Juanita gave birth to her second son, Gregg, and then worked as a hospital nurse while Roland attended Law School.  After Roland began working as an attorney, she worked as a homemaker, giving birth to her daughter, Stephanie, in 1966.  In 1973, when the family moved to Los Angeles County, she returned to nursing at Verdugo Hills Hospital.  During this period, she also attended Chapman College, completing her Bachelor's degree in 1981.  In 1981, she left the hospital to work as an industrial nurse for the Walt Disney Corporation's manufacturing facility in Burbank California, where the components of the attractions for Tokyo Disneyland were created.  After that, she worked as a nurse for the Transamerica Corporation in Los Angeles, from which she retired in 1998. She and Roland then moved to Sonora, California, where she pursued her favorite recreation, making and spending time with friends.  She facilitated her social life by joining a bridge group and by joining the Columbia College orchestra, where she played the violin.  She never retired from her vocation, which was to sustain her family. 

She is survived by  sons Mark and Gregg, daughter, Stephanie C. Wolfe, and grandchildren Robert Camfield, Russel Camfield, Max Wolfe, Bella Camfield, and Michael Camfield. 

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